COVID-19 Hub for Royston Businesses

These unprecedented times means there has never been a more important time for businesses to come together to keep our town a vibrant, safe and well-promoted place.

Royston Come Together is a new initiative from Royston First that we hope will help us to revive our town centre and industrial areas, and bring life back to the town we all know and love.

We hope that you will find our new COVID-19 Hub useful!

What we have done

Safety measures

5 hand sanitiser stations positioned in the town.

Downloadable stickers and posters for local businesses (see below).

Promotion of local businesses

Publicity of up-to-date information on premise-based businesses within the BID area, in print & online.

Communication improvements

New Facebook group – ‘Royston Come Together’ exclusively for businesses with premises and regular communication via email.

But, to do all this effectively we need your help!

How you can help and get involved

  • Complete our quick ‘Covid-19 response’ survey to let us know if you are open (or when you think you might be opening) and your current opening times. If there are any operational changes you would like us to promote, please let us know. We can then share this in the local press and/or online.

We also want to know how you have been impacted by COVID-19 to see if there is anything we can do to help.

  • Join our Royston Come Together Facebook group exclusively for businesses with premises in Royston and the industrial estate, to keep up to date with the latest news and communicate with us.
  • SHARE our survey and Facebook group with other businesses with premises, so that we can help as many businesses as possible!

Resources for Businesses

The Government has drawn up guidelines for businesses outlining practical
considerations for applying Covid-19 measures in the workplace. There is
guidance for people who run shops, offices, stores and similar environments.

Getting your workplace ready for Covid-19

5 steps to working safely

Guidance for shops and offices

Guidance for offices and similar indoor environments

A useful toolkit is also available from
Hertfordshire’s BetterBusiness For All,
including guides, checklists and a COVID-19 Risk
Assessment Template.

Although new signage relating to Covid-19 is essential, it may also be a cost that many companies cannot justify so we have designed some posters and stickers that may be useful.

All the artwork is ready to download and print in house or by a printer. If you would like some floor stickers please contact us here at Royston First.

Covid-19 Posters

We have produced a set of window posters specifying the maximum number of customers allowed in your premises at any one time. Choose the maximum number of people from the list below to download a printable pdf:

2 customers
5 customers
8 customers
3 customers
6 customers
9 customers
4 customers 
7 customers
10 customers


Covid-19 Floor Stickers

If you would like some self-adhesive vinyl floor stickers please contact us here at Royston First.

Email:  Call: 01763 878 242

‘Royston Revival’ Guide

We have designed this document to help you reopen and recover your business both safely and successfully. You can either download a pdf or contact us as Royston First for a printed copy.

Business Funding

There are various funding opportunities for local businesses that are well worth checking out. Some of these are listed below…

Royston BID brings together all of the businesses of Royston to make the town a better place to live, work and enjoy.